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Footitt called up
Chesney signs new deal
DERBYSHIRE v Leicester cc game 16
Pringle signs for Derbyshire
Footitt gone
Redfern leaves Leicestershire
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Footitt called up
Well that didn't take long did it!!! Almost comical
Chesney signs new deal
Ches has signed a deal until the end of next season. I think this is probably about right for now. He was by no means a failure last season and 816 CC2 runs is a decent return, if a little shy of where I would like him to be. I think Ches has suffered in the past from being overlooked and at times almost forgotton about. The easy man to drop or shove in anywhere in the order to make numbers up. Last season he showed enough to suggest there is more to come and next year he needs to crank it up an ...
Pringle signs for Derbyshire

A good signing in my opinion. It must be a concern to Durham that they are losing two talented young players.
Footitt gone
I see joined Surrey on 4 year deal.  I don't blame him why would you stay at a sinking ship?  Plus playing in Division One.  What will annoy me if he gets an England call up right away just because he's playing for them

Look how bad we were WITH him and now imagine how bad we will be now. No offence to Carter but even if he stays fit he won't replace Footitt you can't replace him. He's not replaceable

Team will be non competitive next season.  See no reason to renew no ...
With Brendan Rogers and Dick Advocaat now history at their respective premier league clubs and the likelihood of more to follow,the pressure for success in top level football remains as intense as ever. Liverpool and Sunderland are chalk and cheese but failure is something no club will tolerate for long,even those whose ambitions may be much lower than the big boys.

Cricket is somewhat more tolerant but similar rules apply. Those in charge of county cricket clubs can normally expect a longer ...
Redfern leaves Leicestershire
Reading this morning that Dan Redfern has left Leicestershire after not being offered a new contract. I realise that they have struggled as a county over the last few seasons but his stats for last season aren't that impressive.
Derbyshire CC- thoughts on the 2015 season


‘Lone Star Café’

This has limited space for both staff and customers, leading to a cramped atmosphere that is a less than edifying experience. Embarassing compared to other county grounds.
Menu is limited and if one’s taste is not fried food then you are pretty stuck. Limited range of sandwiches. Cake is also limited.
Small bar area for serving, limited space for staff to operate in.
Table area for customers is minimal, unattrac ...
2016.I can't wait.
mastervillain wrote:
Welcome Woolbag.

I am pleased you will have the opportunity to see the side on a regular basis next term.  If we can retain our best players and strengthen with good experienced additions such as Broom and Carter, I think the odds must favour a better position this time next year.

Let's hope so.
I,ve mentioned this on another tread but i,ll put in under it,s own heading in case anyone missed it. It seems some people are frustrated when writing a longer post only to be timed out by the site.This happens at around the 15 minute mark(but don,t take that figure as gospel)even though the site may lead you to believe you are still logged in. My own preference to avoid this is to bring the site up in a new tab and log in again,BEFORE submitting your original posting. in other words you will ha ...
For what it's worth I think the top five looks okish for next year and if we can keep Foots then the addition of Carter should make the seam attack useful (although i'd still be looking at Ashraf if possible).

In terms of personnel the real gap I see currently is in the middle/lower order, where all season we've been offered absolutely nothing. Thakor, Hughes and the keepers simply haven't fulfilled their roles in regards to run scoring and that is a worry. This limitation is also something w ...
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