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Albie Morkel is our overseas for t20
Derbyshire CCC ‏@derbyshireccc  2m  
The Club can announce that South Africa international Albie Morkel is the side's second overseas FLt20 signing for 2013! Story to follow...
Albie Morkel is our overseas for t20
peakfan, said he was playing in the Caribbean Premier League, LOL.
not such a expert after-all.
Well spotted scotty46.

Albie Morkel is our overseas for t20
A fantastic signing particularly with only 8 days to go before the start of our T20 campaign.

Morkel's very recent experience with the IPL should prove invaluable along with his impressive strike rate and economical bowling he is a very good acquisition indeed.

His alround ability could prove better for us than a specialist batsman.
Albie Morkel is our overseas for t20
king sinbad wrote:
peakfan, said he was playing in the Caribbean Premier League, LOL.
not such a expert after-all.
Well spotted scotty46.


Actually, he is playing in the CPL...with the team that Chanderpaul was due to join...

It's called humour Sinbad. You may also wish to go back to June 6 on blog for a crystal ball moment Rolling Eyes
Albie Morkel is our overseas for t20
Seems like a good signing on the face of it, but then so was Naved, in theory. He's a decent all rounder ANC if he can hit the ground running he should prove a handy acquisition.poking forward to seeing him in action.
Albie Morkel is our overseas for t20
Morkel should offer useful seam bowling (low to mid 80s mph), but is probably more effective with the bat if he gets his eye in.  He has a very useful strike rate of 140 plus, which should give us some impetus in the middle order, which is an area where we can sometimes be caught out not having enough clout.

Let's hope we put up a stronger T20 showing this season.

Maybe it's my imagination, but the overall programme of matches this year feels completely disjointed. Our form aside, I have just not got into this season at all, which is the first time I can recall feeling that way.  To be quite honest, I think the ECB need to pull their collective fingers out and get it sorted.
Albie Morkel is our overseas for t20
“Albie’s only available for the first nine games before he goes to the CPL but he’s such a good player that we were happy to take him for nine of the 10. Hopefully that will be enough to get us through to the quarter-finals in those nine and we’ll make a plan accordingly for later.”

Roll on the game at Park against the Dee-daas. Should be a tasty game
Albie Morkel is our overseas for t20
Firstly well done on the club getting AM to the club, a class player who can change a game. But does KK really think we can make the QFs? Come on now we are in the worst group going and we suck at 20/20 cricket apart from that yeah I see no reason why we cant qualify Shocked

I have watched a decade full of tat apart from the one year we got the QFs at Old Trafford. I cant muster any enthusiasm for it as I know what will happen as usual. Maybe if we had a jacuzzi like 08 at Leeds....

We normally do well in the first couple of games to get hopes up. Then it all falls apart and we end up playing dead rubbers.

I would love to be proven wrong and we make it out the group stages but I've seen this film before and I know how it ends.

I hope we get good crowds but if we get off to a bad start then I can see few people turning up and the club will have to do offers. Lets not forget the game last year against Lancs the one we won when Saj bowled tat and we won on DL. There must have been only about 200 people there and that was the opening game. I remember thinking where is everyone? I honestly don't think the people of the county care about 20/20 anymore.

What I will take please is a win over Notts in the annual Friday night game. I am sick to death of losing to them year after year.

Final thought, any chance of playing Dino in this or the YB40 or are we still being ridiculously stubborn and saving him for just Championship cricket?
Albie Morkel is our overseas for t20
To win the group. (God forgive me but the scabs look a class above)

Albie Morkel is our overseas for t20
To win 20/20 (Ignore Ladbrokes prices)

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